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Can you find me a job?

No, I am sorry but we are not a staffing agency. You can however use our website to search for jobs via category or company and apply to them directly. Otherwise please google staffing agencies in your area and they may be able to assist you.

Are you [insert company name here]? I want to know if you got my resume.

Unfortunately we are not that company, we are Local Job Network. If you applied for a job at that company using our website, you can find their contact information if you click on the company name from our website. The contact information will be displayed on the left-hand side. They would be able to assist you with any specific questions related to your application or potential further steps.

I’m not getting the response I’d like, what can I do?

There are steps you can take to improve your response rate. Try updating your resume - if you’re not sure how, view our resources page to get tips from local experts. Not only does this improve the quality of your resume, but it refreshes it in the database as well (more employers may then review it.) Additionally, when filling out an application include a cover letter and take your time answering any questions the employer may have posed. This shows employers you’re not just sending off resumes to multiple companies and that you’re truly interested. Details are important, so be sure to proofread your answers and text for correct grammar and spelling.


I tried to create an account but the site says my email is already associated with an account. Where do I go from here?

Go to the login page, find the link underneath where you would enter your email and password (it says “forgot your password?”), click on that link, enter your email, and an email will be sent to you with instructions on how to reset your password. Only one account is allowed per email address. Should you decide to open additional accounts, you will need a different valid email for each account.

How do I change the information associated with my account (contact info, password, email address, etc.)?

Login to your account, then click "Account Information" under the “My Account” tab. From the page displayed, you can update all of your personal information including your email and password. If you have active resumes you will need to select “edit” on each one to update those as well.

Why should I register and create a free account? Will I lose my confidentiality by doing so?

Registering is great if you are planning to apply for several jobs — this allows you to store your information so that you don’t need to re-enter it each time, tracks the jobs you’ve applied to, and allows you to keep your resumes organized. However, you can apply without registering as well. Your confidentiality is kept regardless of whether or not you have an account, so even if you upload a resume it’s not visible to employers until you make it public.

Should I cancel my account if I’m no longer looking for a job?

After you’ve landed a great job you may want to cancel your account, but leaving your account open won’t hurt. It’s a great place to store your resumes for future use should you ever want to resume your job search. If you no longer are actively looking for a job, make sure that all resumes on file are set to "private". This will take your resume offline so that employers can no longer access it.


Why won’t your website let me apply?

This can happen for a few reasons. Usually this is an issue with companies redirecting you to apply on their company website. Sometimes when a company redirects you to their site, they require a log in as well. The log in you use to access your account on our site will not work on other company websites. Create an account with that company as well and finish the application process. For questions regarding applications submitted on an employers website, you will need to contact that employer.

Will my employer be able to see if I’m applying for jobs on this site? Is my resume private?

If you are concerned about your current employer knowing that you are looking for a job, you will want to make sure that the resume you create is set to "private". This will allow you to use the resume when applying to positions, but it will not be accessible when employers search the "public" resumes. You can change the access mode on your resume at any time by clicking the "My Resumes" tab to display the resumes you have on file, then click the name of a resume to edit it.

I’ve applied- now what?

Once you have applied to a job, the company will reach out to you directly if interested in moving forward with your application. Use the “Resources” tab on our website to prepare yourself for a possible interview. You should follow up with the company if you have questions about the hiring process. Keep in mind though, that not all employers want to be contacted about the hiring process. If they don't provide contact information, they probably don't want follow-up calls. If you do not hear back from an employer, do not get discouraged. New positions open up every day, so keep searching and apply to all those positions you feel fit your background and experience.

Do I need to be registered to apply to a job?

No. You can apply to any job without registering. However, if you do register, you can create a profile and resume so that you can apply more quickly and easily.

Why do some positions direct me away from the site when I click apply?

When employers post jobs on our site, they can either use our online application form, or their own application form. If they wish to use their application form, the site will redirrect you to its location when you click the 'Apply Now' button.

Where can I view the jobs that I have applied to?

Login to your account then click the "Jobs Applied To" link under the "Find a Job" tab. All the jobs to which you have applied are stored in this section (as long as the application form was completed on our site). If you were redirected to the employers site to apply, the application will not be listed here.


Why can’t I upload my resume?

You can upload a number of document types. We accept the following file formats: DOC, DOCX, RTF, ODT, HTM, HTML, TXT, PDF, WPD, MHT, DOTX, or DOT. However, if you scanned in your resume and have it stored as a PDF file, you will not be able to upload it since it doesn't contain any "text" - a scanned resume is an image. So it's really a picture of your resume and we do not accept this type of file since we cannot parse the resume text for the employer. To get around this, you can type in your resume or recreate it in a valid format e.g. Microsoft Word.

Can I see how many times my resume has been viewed?

Yes. Login to your account then click the "My Resumes" tab. All resumes that you have on file will be displayed and each resume (that was set to "public" access) will show how many times it was viewed by an employer. This count is displayed in the "Access Count" column. Even though you can see how many employers accessed your resume, we do not show which employers viewed it for privacy reasons.

What does it mean to make my resume “public” or “private”?

“Public” means that your resume will be accessible to employers online. “Private” means your resume is accessible only to you, and employers will only be able to see your resume when you apply to their position. Creating a "private" resume allows you to quickly and easily apply to positions.

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